Welcome to ISSF1 min read

International Studies Association logoWelcome to the website for the International Security Studies Forum, a production of H-Diplo, the International Studies Association’s Security Studies Section, and the journals International Security, Security Studies, and the Journal of Strategic Studies.  ISSF is currently funded by a grant from the MacArthur Foundation.  Learn more about us and our personnel on our About page.

ISSF publishes article reviews, essays, roundtables, and other reviews on notable works in the field of international relations.  It complements H-Diplo‘s similar work in the field of diplomatic/international history and the history of foreign relations, broadly defined.  H-Diplo was founded in 1993, with ISSF following in 2010.  For a scholarly overview of the broader purposes and goals for ISSF, please read our inaugural publication, Robert Jervis’s essay on “International Politics and Diplomatic History: Fruitful Differences.”